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Thermal Event Response and Mitigation (ThERM) will help farm owners identify hot spots and equipment issues within the barn before a fire starts. 

ThERM uses a proprietary network of sensors concentrated in various areas of the barn for fast and reliable event detection, and even identifies areas of concern before a fire breaks out. ThERM utilizes a patent pending automated response system to adjust the building controls to mitigate the risk of the spread of a fire.

ThERM integrates with the PMSI Command IIIe controller as well as other control systems, and upon detection of a thermal event, an alert will be sent with the location of concern within the barn, and will place the barn in an alarm control mode pending verification from the farm staff that a thermal event is in progress. This enables the control system to respond more quickly than a human, all the while simultaneously notifying the farm staff so they can address any issues in real-time to determine what action needs to be taken.



Through a series of sensors throughout the house, and the addition of thermal sensors, an ALERT is sent to the CIIIe control system. The system will remain in an alert state for a pre-determined period of time or until a worker decides if it’s a false alarm, or if action is required.


In the event that the system detects fire or smoke, or if a worker pulls an alarm, the ALARM state will be activated. The system will then respond by adjusting the control of the barn to slow the spread of the fire.