TOOLS NEWSLETTER SEPTEMBER 2021 – Purpose Built Brackets for Egg Counters

In last month’s newsletter, PMSI shared the work we did to identify factors impacting Egg Count Accuracy and discussed steps that farms can take to improve the overall  accuracy of their counts. In this month’s newsletter, we’re talking about egg counter brackets and how using the right bracket can dramatically improve both the consistency and accuracy of your egg counts.

Details Matter

You’re probably not surprised to know that egg flow systems rely heavily on consistent and accurate egg count data to function properly. That’s why PMSI uses IR E and IR ETN egg counters exclusively in all our Responsive Egg Flow system integrations. What you might find surprising, however, is just how significantly egg counter performance can be impacted by improperly sized or poorly designed mounting brackets. That’s why when it comes to maximizing the performance of your egg flow system, PMSI knows that even the smallest details matter.


Introducing Purpose-Built Mounting Brackets from PMSI. Over the past 12 months, PMSI has invested heavily in the design and manufacture of our proprietary mounting brackets. Our Purpose-Built brackets provide a superior mounting platform with greater stability than traditional one-size-fits-all style brackets. Plus, PMSI Purpose-Built mounting brackets are specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions found in today’s cage free environments.

Egg Counter Bracket Drawing

System Specific 

When we say Purpose-Built, we also mean system specific. PMSI currently offers Purpose-Built brackets for a variety of cage and cage free systems. Here are just a few of the systems we currently support:

Egg Counter Bracket- Easy MountingRight Height. Right Angle.

With PMSI’s Purpose-Built mounting brackets, we’ve thought of everything. No more struggling to find the right height or angle for optimal egg counter performance. Our brackets are designed for straight forward installation of our IR E or IR ETN series counters; ensuring counters are mounted at just the right height and angle. With built-in height and angle mounting tabs, PMSI’s Purpose-Built brackets are engineered to ensure consistent mounting every time.

Tip Up DesignEgg Counter Bracket- Tip Up Design

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining egg counter lenses, we’ve thought of that, too. PMSI”s Purpose-Built brackets are engineered with an easy access, tip up feature that makes lenses accessible for easy cleaning. 

Simply tip our Purpose-Built bracket up to expose egg counter lenses for easy cleaning. Once debris and dust has been wiped away, simply rotate brackets back to their original position. Purpose-Built  brackets come with built-in height and angle tabs to ensure egg counters are returned to their optimal working position each and every time – no tools or alignment devices required! The unique tip up design makes maintenance and replacement easier, too!



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