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PMSI’s NOAH environmental control system helps the manager achieve the best performance by maintaining optimal conditions for bird health, feed efficiency and production. The PMSI environmental control system will help managers automatically maintain temperature uniformity in the house positively affecting feed intake, body weight, and your bottom line.

For maximum animal safety and continuous control, PMSI’s environmental control suite offers unparalleled flexibility to allow the producer to control the bird’s environment according to their specific needs.


  • Fans
  • Feed schedule
  • Feeder test
  • Automatic bin switching
  • Bin lid alerts
  • Fan pulsing
  • Enhanced controller fan rotation
  • Rotated fan pulsing
  • Flexible tunnel control
  • Manure drying fan control
  • Variable fan control
  • Baffle synchronization by position or time of day
  • Enhanced heating controls
  • Zone averaging changes by mode
  • Baffle control by temperature spread
  • Light dimming and sequencing
  • Automatic bin switching for 2 or 3 bins
  • Integration with PMSI Feed Cart control panel
  • Egg flow sequencing by row, tier group, or house
  • Stir fan control
  • Advanced cool cell control, including option of cell temperature feedback
  • Litter auger controls
  • Lights
  • Air inlets


  • Playback of historical conditions
  • Heat mapping and Animated Heat Mapping during historical playback
  • Graphical enhancements to client interface
  • Faster graphing response than competitor’s and previous versions
  • FTD Targets based by week or day, editing with live production target graph preview
  • Ability to automatically email PMSI on detection of critical errors or errors flagged for troubleshooting
  • Reporting additions and enhancements:
    – FTD, Water, Day vs Night, Egg Flow, Cost reports
    – Combining of reports with each other
    – Customizable Reports for easier adaptation to client’s needs


  • Feed consumption
  • Water consumption
  • Temperature
  • 24-hour averaging
  • Optimum temperature
  • 24-hour temperature curve
  • Static pressure
  • Humidity (inside, outside)
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Power
  • Fan staging
  • Feed weight scales
  • Bird weight scales
  • Feed bin level
  • Water pressure
  • Water level
  • Water leak detection
  • Lights
  • Status
  • Daylight/artificial light
  • Integration
  • Intensity
  • Age-based scheduling
  • Feeders
  • Cool cells
  • Heaters
  • Curtains and curtain position
  • Baffles and baffle position
  • Automatic bin auger switching
  • Fill auger control