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Intelligent Conveyor Control System (ICCS) helps customers improve the reliability of the long and complex rod conveyor systems involved in some of today’s layer complexes. The ICCS will allow you to run the largest amount of product with the smallest amount of downtime.


The ICCS is a conveyor control system that controls your cross conveyors and operates as an integrated solution with your egg flow system and egg belts. It provides immediate and relevant information to help maintenance personnel prevent inefficient run time.

The installation of the ICCS includes a PLC control panel with touchscreen, advanced networked frequency drives at every motor, and a communications gateway for remote support. This system continuously measures the motor speeds, drive torques, and other parameters of the entire conveyor system to prevent areas of slack and excessive stresses.

Having real-time information will allow you to respond to system issues, resulting in less downtime and minimizing damage to your system. The data gained from the ICCS can also help you identify where mechanical challenges exist throughout the system.

The goal is to always maximize revenue by running the largest amount of product with the smallest amount of downtime. ICCS will allow you to have a balanced and well controlled plant conveyor, resulting in a more consistent and reliable egg flow.


  • Eliminate crashes
  • Minimize egg loss
  • Reduce undergrades
  • Alert of potential issues
  • Minimize maintenance time
  • Reduce downtime
  • In certain cases reduce energy usage
  • Potentially reduce motor size requirements
  • Reduce chain wear

  • Reduce chain track wear

  • Prevent downtime

  • Minimize damage

  • Identify mechanical challenges

  • Immediate feedback of relevant information