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 Manage, monitor and report your key environmental factors
PMSI environmental control helps the manager achieve the best performance by maintaining optimal conditions for bird health, feed efficiency and production. The PMSI environmental control system will help managers automatically maintain temperature uniformity in the house positively affecting feed intake, body weight, and your bottom line.



PMSI Reach provides access to your farm’s environmental data and alerts wherever and whenever you need it. With REACH, you get the peace of mind that comes from 24/7/365 days of visibility into your farm’s environmental performance


Taking control over the entire process

For maximum animal safety and continuous control, PMSI’s environmental control suite offers unparalleled flexibility to allow the producer to control the bird’s environment according to their specific needs.

Stand-Alone Logic Options
PMSI’s comprehensive system allows you to have complete control over every aspect without the need to spend more time managing. You’re system will have stand-alone logic options to manage and monitor everything from fans to feed.

Control and verify
Control and verify feed and water consumption, averages, temperature curve, feed and bird weights, and more.

Monitoring and reporting
With detailed monitoring and alerting, you can rest assured that you’ll have the most user friendly, flexible, detailed system to monitor and manage your production cycle.

Command IIIe

PMSI designed the Command IIIe (CIIIe) from the ground up with poultry industry specifications in mind – today’s larger houses, dirt, ruggedness, high electrical noise, and water resistance, to name a few.

Have complete control, and complete freedom
The CIIIe allows you to have the control needed to manage a profitable operation without being tied down. CIIIe is the brains of the system and helps you to be more proactive, productive, and profitable.

CIIIe is built for harsh environments
Today’s larger poultry houses are demanding of the equipment you install, which is why the CIIIe is built to last a long time inside the harsh environments where they are installed.

Easy to use operation
The CIIIe is designed around “ease of use” operation. With a high resolution touch screen display, multi-lingual options, removable data storage, and more, you’ll find the CIIIe very user friendly.


An integrated solution from the industry leader in poultry house controls.

PMSI offers a complete line of custom motor control panels in addition to our standard CIIIe poultry house controls. This means it is now possible to order all your control panels from one source with the total confidence that everything will be designed to work together as a complete system.


  • A turnkey solution from the industry leader in poultry house automation
  • Seamless integration between the CIIIe system and the devices it controls
  • Custom design and fabrication to precisely meet your needs
  • High quality, cost competitive components selected for longevity and value
  • Greatly reduced installation costs by electricians due to proper design and testing
  • One single knowledgeable source for customer support and spare parts



PMSI’s systems give you the information you need, when you need it. When your egg production needs attention, the Responsive Egg Flow (REF) system will send you and alert, providing you the necessary information to respond immediately. An alert can be sent to pre-determined devices with details on what needs to be attended to.

The REF system provides automated detailed reports so you can maximize your egg production with minimal effort in running reports.


  • Reports are completely automatic
  • Up-to-the-second data
  • Out-of-tolerance alerts
  • Detailed reports available to users, database management and third party systems

Other products for Environmental
and Production management:

Feed Weighing System

The EZ Mount 1 Series weigh modules utilize the double-ended beam design with an articulating top plate to provide superior accuracy in any loading condition.

The double-ended beam design means there is less cumbersome hardware and each module has a lower profile than modules of different configurations.

Bin Weighing System

Easily retrofit existing bins – bins need not be empty
3-year loadcell warranty upgrade includes lightning coverage
Improved feed monitoring accuracy increases profits
Interface with PMSI System