PMSI Announces Intent To Rebrand As Prism Controls

Lowell, MI – March 14, 2022: Poultry Management Systems Incorporated announced its intent to rebrand the company under the name, Prism Controls. This will be a deliberate effort over the next 12 months to gradually migrate the company, including its website, under the new name.

PMSI prism color

“One of the primary drivers behind this decision is the ability to operate our website under a URL,” noted Budd Bentley, President of PMSI. “Our current website is a URL which has made it challenging at times for both existing and new customers to find us. The new URL,, will also provide an opportunity to expand on our digital services and modernize our website to make it more user friendly for our customers. The PMSI name has served us well and we wanted the new name, Prism, to be as similar as possible to maintain the heritage of our company.”

The transition to Prism Controls will happen gradually over the next 12 months to ensure uninterrupted service for our customers. Customers can continue to interact with the company and its representatives by using the same contact information they are currently familiar with.

“We’re excited about the eventual rebranding to Prism Controls,” stated Brandon Mulnix, Director of Commercial Accounts. “With new product launches like InSight, our machine learning vision system, and ThERM, our new thermal response system, the new name will provide additional opportunities to promote our expanding line of products.”

Headquartered in Lowell, Michigan, PMSI is an industry leading environmental controls and technology company serving the poultry and agricultural industry for over 4 decades. PMSI systems are sold throughout the United States and Canada.For more information:

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